Hi your song, Changeling, is really captivating. how did you write it? you are talent. Thanks God for blessing you. I am impressed by you. Leslie

may i say your a very talented singer you voice is great and im a really big fan and keep doing what youre doing Alexandra

Im really enjoying listening to your music. Hope to see you live one day :) I will spread the word around to all my friends. Whre I can find more? I'll send my like to you fb page or just add me, thanks . Roshel

I like your music and the longer it stays in play, the more I like it!! Brain

Hey, just listened to your music, and me and my mates think it's well cool! Keep making some more like it! Lol We've listened to it a few times now! Amanda

Your voice send shivers down my spine which means that you are true talent! keep me updated as much as possible. Merrill

Hi!!!Thx for letters! ...for whole day i'm listening ur music. I gave link to ur songs to my friends from many countries...and they really like it....!!!! Thx!!! karel

Thanks for the fresh voice, lyrics, and music. You're a true star - i mean the bright kind in the sky! erich

Hey! I will never forget that day I cam across your music. I went listened to each tune and could not believe it. Every track was so awesome. After each I hit replay. I probably played it 5 times in a row that first time. I barely got any sleep that day because I was so happy and proud of you!! I called my best friends Miranda and Angela to come and listen. They were excited too. I didn't want to stop listening and I was even playing it tonight. Besides Ting, it is my favorite. Hearing for the first time was like completely a spiritual moment in my life. God bless ya!! Carmen

Amazing songs and Talent! When you have it, you just have it... And you do!!! Myles

I luv your The Tween I havent heard all of your music yet but I'm sure I will Bristol

Best I can say is I really love all the music that you've done!!! God bless you Adam

YOU got all what it takes to reach a stardom. Keep working hard and stay humble. Your message deserves to be heard across the earth and You'll HAVE my support ALWAYZ! it's all about loyalty to your music and your fans! stay true like you ol'ready do! May

i wanna let you know that i started my day with The Tween, your music is always with me! Erwin

Definitely love your first tune in n1m player! If I do like a certain song then I shall listen to it again and again. But I don't expect an artist to paint the same picture AGAIN AND AGAIN. Cheers Mark

I love istening to you..IMO you have so much meaning with your music..you have an awsome voice...cantwait to see you in concert, you are simply amazing!!! harley

Ting love it.... got a great voice...I think I will like everything you are going to put out Margie

I just wanna let u know that Ting is my 6 year old son's FAVORITE song! He knows every word and requests it everytime!) Gena

I remember bumping my addiction to "The Tween" in the cab turning all my customers on to your music. I am sure you are making it big. Keep it on. Allison

You have to believe in your talent because you got it. Got bless You for everything you do!

Your tunes are simplistic. Easy to digest. Radio friendly. I am a huge fan and have been since I discovered you. max I will continue to support you and recommend you to friends. I appreciate the hard work you put forth. Dale

Heyyyy I voted for The Tween on numberonemusic. You're making your way up! Ramon

Listened to Ting and already loved this one, it was just wow such emotion. So glad you can write stuff like this. One of my favorites and I'm glad you are still around. TARA

Oh my! All the songs are great depending on what exactly you like. I love how every song is different and thats what got me addicted. Mickey

The Tween, didn't like it the first time I heard it, the overall sound threw me off but it took some time getting used to it, it wasn't what I was expecting, but it grows on you. Patricia.

TING is the one of my best tunes by You! Keep em coming! Dave

Your talent never stops amazing me! Your musik is an everyday inspiration to us all! And we love u for it!!! Deanna

The tween It is fantastic!!! I've been listening all morning. Katie

I've been listening to Ting on repeat for days now, and thinking how I need to see you on tv singing! I'm so pumped to discover you! Jefferson

Thank you all.

Peace & Love

JadeMagick aka'Elda C. Dellinger