February 27,2017

Exciting news: Knights of Ole release date is 5/19/2017, pre-order price avaialable NOW!

January 2017

Here's a progress update. I have been in the studio recording my next song Captured. I'm told that I should make more of my songs Celtic, so I recorded a Celtic beat on my hand drum and added a great jiggy bass line. But it just didn't fit this song. I'll use these tracks either as an instrumental or apply it to another song. Captured has a Latin feel so I'm going to have to do it that way.

When I'm gigging with my hand drummer I am Jade and she is Magick. She is Latin and drumming is in her blood. So I'm going to bring her in to record on Captured because her Latin beats are amazing. So when its done I'll let you know.

So to stay in genre, I will be releasing a series of EPs. Each with its own genre.

Take care and thank you again for visiting.

Peace & Love


July 2016

I'm often asked Why I write my songs so I have decided to let you in on the inspiration of each song.

I will begin with Ting.

Songwriters are usually highly emotional about tragic events that happen in the world. And it seems today there are more and more of these events. The event that inspired Ting happened on April 20,1999 here in Colorado, USA. Two senior students at Columbine High School in Jefferson County planned and implemented an attack on their school. The young men killed 12 students, 1 teacher and injured 21 other people. When they could not escape they committed suicide. This touched me very deeply, I suffered from sadness and depression for months. Never before had I heard of such a tragedy, so close to home. Where was the parenting to keep this from happening? Thus Ting was born.

The violin part you hear on this song is performed by Jacie McConnell. I wrote the introduction and the verse but the solo is all hers.

If you would like to have a mp3 of Ting go to my home page, and click on the download button and I will email you a copy.

Peace & Love


Inspiration that created Changeling:

Changeling is a metaphor. I usually just let people form their own opinion about what it means to them.

A Changeling of days of old was a child that was either taken or bought to replace a noble child who had died. The nobles told no one that their child had died and raised the new child as their own, with all the privilage that a noble enjoyed: wealth, title, land, and pretty much anything they wanted.

A Changeling in modern day could be perceived as a shape shifter who could be anything or anyone they wanted.

Either way being a Changeling was associated with having what others might not achieve.

But the song is basically just about the struggle of human kind, at least as I perceive it. We have good and bad times in our lives, no matter our social status, but if you "slip through the water" (go with the flow, swim downstream etc.) but never give up on your dream, life is more pleasant.

Peace & Love


Inspiration that created JADA (Just A Dream Away):

My daughter is very much like I was growing up. She was and still is a very creative, deep feeling, sensitive person.

She was very good at the arts. Her artwork and photography is eclectic and inspires lots of feeling in her patrons. Chrystal Images

In her pubic years she had a very hard time with depression. As all loving parents do I worried about her.

JADA was a message to her. I wanted her to know that I would always be there for her to listen and give suggestions for solutions. Of course she was in her teenage angry stage and hated the song. However most of her friends related to the song and loved it.

Peace & Love


Continuing on the inspiration of each song:

Light Shine was written and recorded by myself and Todd Sell.

The lyrics came soon after the love of my life passed away. I was left with a mortgage and an 18 month old baby girl. The lyrics say it all.

Peace & Love


Inspiration that created My Facade:

My Facade is basically a break-up song.

I was young and in a very passionate relationship with a handsome Jewish man.

We had been playing in a duo together for about 3 years and deeply in Love. One day this handsome man decided I should meet his parents who owned one of the largest salvage yards in the United States. They took one look at me and told him that he was their namesake and that he was not marrying a Gentile or he would be disinherited. So the relationship ended and so did the duo.

I carried on as a singles act and put on the performances as if nothing had happened, which created My Facade.

Peace & Love


Ne're More's inspiration:

Originally, Ne're More was a Native American based song about my 1st husband's plight as a child. He was 100% American Indian.

My husband, Lonnie had 8 siblings. His father left the family to work in the coal mines of Wyoming. There was an accident and Lonnie's father perished in the mine.

His mother was uneducated and was left with 9 children to feed. She did the only thing she knew would make enough money to care for the children, prostitution. The song was titled: Chasing White Man's Gold.

After joining Jacie McConnell and An Shee Eilee; a local Celtic Band, I started rewriting my songs to fit the genre. I changed some of the words in Ne're More, and changed the instrumentation as well.

Peace & Love


Inspiration of Peaceful Embrace:

I wrote Peaceful Embrace at a time when I was going through a very hard time. It was after 9-11, I was loosing my business, due to the economy, loosing my home because of the failing business and my mother was dying.

An Shee Eilee had dissolved and I had joined a yoga band named Leelah. The lead singer of this band was a yoga instructor. They would create events where the lead singer would teach yoga while the band played music in the back round. Then we would play a concert of 1 hour and enjoy a feast of Indian cuisine, with the participants of the yoga class.

I wrote the song to play in this band but no one wanted to learn it. I was playing bass and singing back up vocals. The rhythm guitar player said that he could not play the finger picking style that I had written.

They asked if the lead singer could sing it instead of me. I replied that the rhythm guitar player and the keyboard player had one song that they sang lead, why couldn't I. . But they would have none of it. I left the band shortly after.

The words Ohm and Shanti Hindu meanings: Ohm an invocation of the spirit or God and Shanti is peace.

Peace & Love


Inspiration behind Rearranged:

Rearranged was written the day after I did a halucenagin, mushrooms to be exact. I had sworn them off more than a decade before, but I was throwing a birthday party for a friend who had just turned 21. He was given the mushrooms as a gift and asked if I would trip with him after the party. I told him I had sworn them off but as a favor I would do them one more time.

He became very ill from them. We spent the entire night with him laying on the bathroom floor with his head in my lap.

Chorus to Rearranged: Something has changed, the molecules rearranged. I know I'll never be the same, its insane. It's a shame.

Bridge: And so at last I have learned, reality is the key.Expanded thought is not worth, what it takes to set it free.

Peace & Love


Inspiration that created Terror:

Terror was a culmination of quite a few life experiences.

The horrors of war, violence on the streets and domestic violence all played a part in its creation.

I've always been a peace loving anti-war hippi. War is all about greed and money. The rich make a lot of wealth from war machines while innocents and architecture pay for it all. It has always been wrong.

After a while I quit watching the news because of the anger it would cause in my soul. How can people kill each other on the streets with children getting caught in the crossfire. It was too much for me.

I also worked as an advocate and secretary/bookkeeper for a battered womens shelter. I would see the aftermath of the women and children who sought sanctuary there. Women paralized and children maimed physically as well as mentally. Most of it came from men who were enraged with anger from their abusive childhoods. It was a cycle and each generation had to reduce the amount of abuse to irradicate it.

So the chorus goes: You seem enraged at what I do. You're in a cage enforced by you. Terror of what you do.

Peace & Love


Inspiration behind The Tween:

The Tween was to be a whimsical song about a fairy, precisely a Wood Nymph.

I was performing with Jacie McConnell and An Shee Eilee, which means The Other Spirit in Gaelic. An Shee Eilee of course was a Celtic Group.

Jacie at the time did not sing because of comments made in her youth that she sounded like an injured chicken, so she wrote fabulous Celtic Instrumentals with her violin. She also played Viola and Mandolin.

This group had 7 members and I was the only one who was singing. One day I said to the group "Oh come on, some of must be able to sing." I found that 6 of them had excellent voices and wanting to make the band as good as it could be I began encouraging them to sing backups and write their own music.

Jacie is a small woman only about 4 foot 11 inches tall. When she sang harmony I heard a beautiful high soprano voice. It was untrained but I could tell she had an amazing voice.

I encouraged her. I wrote The Tween for her to sing lead. However the band dissolved before we could work it up. Since I had written it for a high voice, I had to change the key to sing The Tween myself.

Recently I sat in with one of her performances and heard that voice fully developed. Jacie had taken voice lessons and her voice was absolutely beautiful. It sent chills down my spine.

Celtic music is often tragic because of their history, so I inserted a verse about leaving this world but softened it by becoming a fairy queen, just one of the Eilee.

Peace & Love